KULIN Vinski program

Wine program

The culture of dining, the modern restaurant scene, and the food industry are inconceivable without wine and other alcoholic beverages that have become an indispensable part of gastronomy and everyday life.

Knowledge of wine culture and its history, proper handling, and quality presentation and communication skills are all required for professional work with wine. Besides learning the general rules of wine etiquette, it is important to keep up with the trends because wine is a live product and demands continuous tasting, consideration, and research.

The focus of the program is on learning about indigenous Croatian wine varieties and learning by doing through pairing wine with food, visiting renowned Croatian wineries and newtworking with winemakers.

Kul IN’s wine program uses a theoretical and hands-on training so that students can get a complete insight into the world of wine. The program is intended for those who are employed in tourism, the catering industry, restaurants and hotels, winemakers, sales representatives, wine critics and wine lovers. For enrolment in the program, no previous knowledge in enology or winemaking is necessary.

Upon completion, the student is going to have knowledge to independently determine wine quality, select wines, pair wine with food and compose the wine chart.

Program length: 50 hours

Class size: maximum 10 students

Price: 1.625 Eur (VAT included)

For our first minute students, we offer a 200 € discount on program tuition. To grab this voucher, you need to complete your application process and pay the tuition two months before the program start date.

The enrollment period is open!

The tuition fee includes

  • All training and material for the wine program
  • Transportation from Zagreb International Airport
  • Literature (digital)
  • Housing near school and lunch on school days
  • Costs for field trips

Field trips

As part of the wine program, students will also have field trips organized by lecturers to visit famous wineries, wine shops, and restaurants with outstanding wine archives or wine charts. During these visits, students get acquainted with wine cellars, wine storage, and vinification while having the opportunity to begin networking with wineries, enologists, and sommeliers. These experiences help students get to know the wine industry and market.

The irresistible world of wine for centuries has been a source of inspiration, imagination, and creation. Learn how to tell stories about wine, how to recognize quality and how to create a top quality gastro atmosphere. Start your professional wine journey at Kul IN!