Branimir Krtalić

Branimir Krtalić came to Kul IN for the first time as a student, and now we have brought him back as a lecturer on the Culinary Arts program.

Although young, Branimir has worked in restaurants from Zagreb to Dubrovnik over the years.
His love for cooking and ambition first took him to one of Zagreb’s favorite bistros – Alegria, where he spent 2 years. His journey to the south begins with work at the Žakan on the Kornati islands, a restaurant known for gathering yachtsmen, skippers and international tourists. Last year he went to Dubrovnik, where he worked at Cafe Festival, and at the same time his return to Kul IN begins.

As a lecturer on the Culinary Arts program, Branimir accompanies the students every day in practical classes and introduces them to all aspects of cooking, from basics, to sauces, soups, meat, fish and seafood, to pasta and risotto. The students, in turn, agree that Branimir is open, confident in the knowledge he conveys in class, relaxed in his performance and always ready to repeat the material until everyone has mastered it.