Culinary Arts

During this two-month program, participants will receive a broad and intense education in professional cooking and pastry making. The dynamic course schedule is designed for people wishing to improve their culinary skills or who are directing themselves towards a career in professional gastronomy.
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Advanced Culinary Program

This new international culinary program offers students the insight and opportunity to experience comprehensive learning about gastronomy and hospitality. Students will have the opportunity, after two months of studying culinary arts at Kul IN, to continue their education at a school in Lucerne, Switzerland. Partner school from Switzerland, the Business and Hotel Management School offer students the opportunity to further develop their culinary skills and knowledge with the help of top-ranking lecturers from around the world.
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Italian Culinary Program

Experience world cuisine in the center of Sisak-Moslavina county. Under the leadership of professional culinary masters, delve into the world of traditional Croatian specialties and exotic delicacies from all corners of the Earth!
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Italian Modern Pastry program

Specialize your knowledge and skills as Pastry chef within Italian Modern Pastry program. This joint program of Kul IN and Italian culinary academy ALMA, La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana offers to students fundamentals of Italian modern Pastry in its regional variations with theory, demonstrations and training classes. Students will also have a chance to do an internship in some of the well known Italian pastry shops, pastry labs, hotels or Michelin star restaurants. Enrolment period is opened!
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