Catering and Buffet

Students will not only learn how to satisfy even the most demanding guest with a variety of flavors, but will practice various styles of arranging and decorating the food and beverages that they have prepared.
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Wine program

Within the wine program, we use theoretical and hands-on training so that students can have a complete insight into the world of wine. Upon completion, the student is going to have knowledge to independently determine wine quality, select wines, pair wine with food and compose the wine chart.
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Specialized Language Courses for the Culinary Arts

Not only is foreign language useful for day-to-day work in the kitchen, much of the standard terminology used in this industry is based in the Italian, French, English and German languages. With the goal of strengthening our students' culinary foundations and helping them to be competitive in the global restaurant scene, Kul IN offers Specialized Language Courses for the Culinary Arts.
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One-day workshops

By expertly led tasting, and learning with the best wine labels which represent a particular sort of wine or a wine region, they will be able to continually upgrade their knowledge, as well as meet winemakers and winegrowers at firsthand and enjoy their experiences and their passion for wine.
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