Robert Bašić

5 Questions On Chocolate and Character

We organized a Praline Preparation Course held by the renowned Croatian pastry chef Robert Bašić. We decided to ask him 5 questions to prepare for the course and learn more about his work ethic and mindset, approach to chocolate, and love for pralines.

Check out what we found out!

Kul IN: Why do you like chocolate and working with it?

– Chocolate is a magical food. The more you work with it, the more you learn, the more you know, the more it inspires you, the more it inspires you, the more you create, the more you create, the more you are a part of the magic.

And I’m also a big chocolate lover.

Kul IN: What motivates you in your work?

– I would often watch my father while he was working. He was good, meticulous, dedicated and honest in his work, and because of such qualities, his work and effort, he was appreciated and respected. Listening to positive comments and praise for his work, even as a little boy I wanted to be like my dad. Dad has always been my inspiration and my biggest role model, and that desire to be like him and to always do my best is still my biggest motivation in everything I do today. Never give up, find meaning in everything you do and be fully dedicated to what you love – that’s the essence.

Kul IN: What kind of people do you like to work with in the kitchen?

– With imaginative and hardworking people. Creative people encourage each other to be creative, which is very useful.

Kul IN: What should young pastry chefs focus on in their work?

– First of all, I think you should slow down and enjoy learning and discovering the magical world of confections an baking. Today, in the age of social media and the availability of all kinds of virtual content, when everything around us is accelerated, there is less and less patience for processes that require time. Young pastry chefs want to become top stars overnight. Focusing on fame becomes a priority. To aspire to reach the goal in the shortest amount of time became a good thing.

Learning is an ongoing process, a process that combines trial and error, a process that builds good foundations. Everything will come with time. Slow down, learn and enjoy!

Kul IN: The secret of top quality pralines is?

– First of all, good and quality ingredients. Primarily chocolate. Then the correct steps during chocolate tempering and praline making. And finally, patience because some things should not be rushed.