A Small Family Restaurant That Does Things Differently

Emina Tufo

The long-term plan is to open a restaurant in the city where I would continue to entertain the guests with Bosnian cuisine but in a different and contemporary way. Kul IN gave me many ideas and confidence.

The idea is that I introduce something new, culinary-wise, to the family business once I have completed the program. I will introduce a couple of new dishes to the menu and upgrade the existing ones.

Our new Kul IN alumna Emina comes from the neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina. Enrolling in the Culinary Arts program at Kul IN was a way to help Emina and her family improve their family restaurant and agrotourism but it became much more. After the program, Emina got an internship at the Michelin-star restaurant Atelje in Ljubljana, where she soaked up valuable experience and tips to help her upgrade her own family business in the future. Read how she plans to apply what she has mastered on the program, whether she will remain true to Bosnian cuisine and what her plans are for her future career.